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Pablo Gómez is a percussionist who studied in the ‘Escola Superior de Catalunya’ (ESMUC), where he presently teaches a Master in Flamenco Percussion. He has given workshops in the ‘Conservatorio Nacional Superior de México’, in the’ ISA’ in Cuba, in the ‘Escola Tradicional de Músiques Tradicionals de Catalunya’ and in the ‘Seminario Musicaldas’ in Portugal.

He has extensively travelled all over Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Switzerland, France and Italy going along with the flamenco band ‘Ropa Vieja’. This group won in 2007 an Award given by the ‘Instituto de la Juventud de España’ (INJUBE), for the best musical proposal of the year.

He has shared the stage with many significant flamenco musicians such as Juan Ramón Caro, Amador Rojas, Alba Carmona, Jesús Guerrero, Genara Cortés, Paco Heredia, Antonio “Agujetas”, Matías López, Maite Martín, Pepe Flores, Chiqui de la Línea, Las Migas o Juan Carlos Gómez; he has also carried out musical projects together with Joan Albert Amargós and Carles Benavent.

As to the the Jazz scene, he has worked with the Big Band (ESMUC) under the direction of María Schneider. He has taken part in the Barcelona Voll Damm Jazz Festival and has shared stage with outstanding musicians like Horacio Fumero, Xavier Reija, Pablo Selnik, Ramon Angel Rey and David Carrasco. He was the musical director of the flamenco dancer and choreographer Naiara Núñez’s company, which was given the Award of Best Show in the International Musical Festival  in ZhangJiaJei (China).

He has also participated in recordings of international artists such as Juan Carlos Gózez, Miguel Fernández, David Carrasco, Jesús de Joaquín “Puchero”, Mariola Membrives, Eladio Reinón, Alfonso Aroca o Albert Amargós.

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